Play-out services

Digital terrestrial broadcasting  not only delivers pictures and sound, but also data broadcasts such as news  and weather, Electronic Programm Guides (EPGs), captions and other elements.  The modern play-out system creates these signals in accordance with the  digital terrestrial broadcasting standarts.Caisha Ltd. offers TV  channels and content providers all services necessary for the distribution of  their content: from the contribution of the content via satellite or the  internet including the media management to the distribution across all  platforms.Caisha Ltd. supplies you  with a full range of broadcasting objects starting with studios of short term  usage and permanent broadcasting channels and ending up with post-production  and graphic processing.We have broadcasting objects fully  corresponding to the actual professional standards which are let on hire and  provided with engineering support.Media managementOur services let our customers  provide various content and channel options for satellite television viewers  including a segment service distribution, a program package creation, pay per  view, television channel provision on demand, an electronic program guide,  previewing channels, home shopping, interactive order, and advertising of  goods.